Our patient presented with extensive cavities and failing fillings on the upper teeth. The cavities and old fillings were replaced in 1 visit using cosmetic white resin restorations.The shading was matched to an A2 shade. All procedures completed by Dr. J. Shainhouse Principle Dentist Imperial Street Dental… Read More

Here is a finalised case of a patient with a lost front tooth replaced with a dental implant. Good overall result and patient satisfaction. To further enhance the result the patient went to the lab for a custom staining. Implant placement by Dr. Alan Hiltz and Lab done by Picasso. Our treatment time from time… Read More

At Imperial Street Dental we recommend a Bi-annual visit to our office for routine care and maintenance. A healthy mouth free of cavities and gum disease helps a persons overall health. Visiting your dentist twice a year helps prevent potential problems in your mouth which left untreated could lead to possible tooth loss and unnecessary… Read More

Think your first impression is made during a handshake? Experts stress that others also pay attention to your smile. Whiter teeth will give you the confidence to smile more often, which may actually help you to improve your chances of getting hired, getting off on the right foot with co-workers and establishing rapport with new… Read More

Hollywood loves giving awards honoring talent and skill, and let’s be honest, good looks. Who better to judge a great smile than cosmetic dentists? Earlier this year, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) members ranked the smiles of the 2011 Academy Award acting nominees. Natalie Portman’s straight white teeth arranged in an effortless smile swept… Read More

When your smile could use a quick pick-me-up, sometimes you may think it’s just as easy to reach for a tube of whitening toothpaste. But be smart about your decisions because some whitening toothpastes may be so harsh and abrasive that they can damage your tooth enamel. You are only cleaning (and possibly scratching) the… Read More

Did you know that wearing the right shade of lipstick can give you the illusion of whiter teeth? This and other makeup tricks can boost your smile quotient. To help make your teeth look their absolute whitest: Pick a contrasting lip color. A punch of red or pink on your lips stands out from your… Read More

Why might one member of your family have darker teeth than everyone else? Check the medicine cabinet – some prescriptions can turn teeth colors, from unflattering yellow to unusual blue. Antihistamines, antihypertensive drugs and antipsychotics have all been linked to discolored teeth. These drugs are thought to interfere with healthy mouth conditions. For example, antihistamines… Read More

Did you know that your smile could be the secret to the top of the career ladder? If you’re using Love That White Smile, you may have noticed that you’re showing off your whiter teeth by smiling more. That’s great news since a healthy, beautiful smile is more than just an ego boost – it… Read More

Whitening dental rinses are trendy because they seem like such a fast, inexpensive and simple way to brighten your smile while you’re also freshening your breath and helping to protect against cavities. But they aren’t that effective. You might see minor results in about 12 weeks. Who wants to wait that long on the chance… Read More