Did you know that your smile could be the secret to the top of the career ladder? If you’re using Love That White Smile, you may have noticed that you’re showing off your whiter teeth by smiling more. That’s great news since a healthy, beautiful smile is more than just an ego boost – it could actually boost your paycheck!

A radiating smile in the workplace projects confidence and signifies attractiveness; both qualities earn employees more money. Research suggests that beauty is proportional to lifetime earning potential. According to a study by the Federal Reserve Bank of Saint Louis, good-looking people tend to earn five percent more an hour than their less attractive co-workers.

According to a study by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), nearly 75 percent of Americans felt that an unattractive smile could hold someone back from career success. People who are embarrassed by their smiles go to great lengths to avoid opening their mouths, and as a result they jeopardize communication abilities and appear secretive or even sullen to their co-workers.

Are you trying to convince someone to do business with your firm? Look in the mirror before your meeting. Some experts will tell you that your facial expression reflects how you feel about your job and your company. So if your facial expression is neutral (or sour!) it won’t excite your prospective client about buying your product or services.

Give yourself every advantage in the workplace. Make sure your teeth are in top form and flash that dazzling smile today.