Hollywood loves giving awards honoring talent and skill, and let’s be honest, good looks. Who better to judge a great smile than cosmetic dentists?

Earlier this year, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) members ranked the smiles of the 2011 Academy Award acting nominees. Natalie Portman’s straight white teeth arranged in an effortless smile swept the vote. James Franco, smiling with enthusiasm straight up to the crinkles near his eyes, came in second while Nicole Kidman graciously smiled her way to a third place finish.

Celebrity smile watchers have other favorites, including these stars who know how to grin for the win. Here’s what Parade.com and StarPulse.com had to say:

  • Eva Mendes is famous for her playful, sexy smirk. Her strategically placed mole calls attention to a radiant smile and a mouthful of pearly whites.
  • Since she’s always laughing about something, Kate Hudson often gives us a glimpse of her dazzling white teeth and a smile that brightens the room.
  • This classic funnyman, Will Smith, always tries to get people smiling. When he partakes in his own comic delight, he shows off a flawless pearly smile that fills his entire face.
  • With perfectly symmetrical teeth and a ready grin, Jessica Alba consistently earns a spot on the best smile lists.
  • Jennifer Garner’s bubbly smile just can’t contain itself as it stretches from ear to ear.
  • A portrait of contradictions, Taylor Lautner sizzled this year with mysterious eyes and a big, bright smile.
  • Unlike others on these lists, Angelina Jolie might be better known for her pout rather than her smile. But those pouty lips frame a dazzling smile when she flashes a grin.
  • Then there’s the most iconic Hollywood smile of all: Julia Roberts. She’s been lighting up the screen with big pearly whites and a super wide grin for years.

Who do you think has the brightest smile in Hollywood?