Whitening dental rinses are trendy because they seem like such a fast, inexpensive and simple way to brighten your smile while you’re also freshening your breath and helping to protect against cavities. But they aren’t that effective. You might see minor results in about 12 weeks. Who wants to wait that long on the chance that your teeth will look whiter?

Whitening rinses contain small amounts of hydrogen peroxide. But unlike the dual-foam Love That White Smile system, which enables small amounts of hydrogen peroxide to penetrate teeth in each 60-second brushing, and has been clinically shown to produce noticeable results in as little as three days, whitening rinses often disappoint because they simply can’t penetrate tooth enamel very well in a short amount of time. Some whitening rinse formulations also contain as much as 26 percent alcohol!

If you’re using the dual-action Love That White Smile system every three months as suggested, as well as the Maintenance Foam to help protect your teeth from staining the rest of the time, you should not need to add another whitening product to your daily beauty routine.