Did you know that wearing the right shade of lipstick can give you the illusion of whiter teeth?

This and other makeup tricks can boost your smile quotient. To help make your teeth look their absolute whitest:

  • Pick a contrasting lip color. A punch of red or pink on your lips stands out from your dazzling smile while beige or orangey shades blend into discolored teeth.
  • Choose blue-based lipstick shades, such as pinks and reds. They pick up the reflective edging on your teeth making your smile appear whiter.
  • Try bronzing. Darker complexions offset white teeth. Sweep bronzer over the high points of your face: hairline, bridge of your nose, cheek bones and tip of your chin.
  • Add some sparkle. Dab an opalescent illuminator on the Cupid’s bow of your mouth – the white luminescence picks up reflection off your teeth.
  • Save the gilding for your eyelids and avoid gold tones near your mouth. The shine from gold too closely resembles yellow.

Wearing the right colors close to your face also helps your teeth to look whiter. In general, brunettes should wear tops and scarves that are bright white or jewel-tone colors such as ruby red or emerald green; blondes should choose summery pastels. If you’re a strawberry blonde, you can wear spring colors with a dash of yellowish undertones such as tomato red; and if you are a redhead you’d look great wearing autumn shades such as rust and off-white.

Of course, everyone’s coloring is unique. So have fun and experiment! Pull out different clothing colors and lip shades, and try them out in front of your bathroom mirror. Watch how the shade of your teeth seems to ‘miraculously’ improve with the right colors.