Think your first impression is made during a handshake? Experts stress that others also pay attention to your smile. Whiter teeth will give you the confidence to smile more often, which may actually help you to improve your chances of getting hired, getting off on the right foot with co-workers and establishing rapport with new clients.

93 percent of a first impression is formed from non-verbal data in as little as three to seven seconds. While first impressions are assembled from multiple cues, research suggests that the one thing people actively look for is a smile.

Employment experts confirm that job seekers who smile appear to be more optimistic, energetic and cheerful. And guess what? Those optimistic job seekers are more likely to be hired. Smiling people have an easier time maintaining positivity enabling them to withstand criticism and calm their nerves more easily. The positivity can be infectious and inspire the other person to reciprocate, setting both parties up for a pleasant business venture.

Building strong business relationships – whether it is with your customers, co-workers or employers – is all about developing good rapport. And nothing puts people at ease faster than a warm, genuine smile. Last year, Scottish researchers released a study indicating that how quickly you smile affects your smile’s credibility. A slow-spreading smile, they said, is perceived as the most genuine. But an instant smile or smiling too frequently, are signs of insincerity.

Setting the tone is crucial for a first business meeting. When you give another person a positive reception, you’re more likely to get one in return. We all prefer to be around positive people. If you want to make a great first impression in business, show off your positive attitude with an authentic smile that reaches clear up to your eyes. You just can’t fake those crinkles in the corners of your eyes!