Be careful when using “Whitening Tooth Pastes” They contain silica which are tiny sandlike granules. Harder than your teeth, silica overtime will erode at your teeth’s enamel and can cause recession of your gums. That’s why I recommend Love That White Smile products. Non-Abrasive Dual Foam, gently lifts off stains and whitens your teeth.… Read More

Are you sick of reading so-called ‘advice’ about teeth whitening that is really just a thinly-veiling plug for the latest product or procedure? Teeth whitening can easily become confusing with every blog and article promoting a different technique or treatment. If searching on the internet has left you scratching your head on the secrets of… Read More

Teeth whitening isn’t black magic. There’s no dentist in the world that can wave a Harry Potter magic want and make your teeth instantly whiter forever. Whitening relies on a planned strategy, professional techniques and a long-term approach that focuses on maintenance. With these things in place, yes, tooth transformations can happen but it’s not… Read More