Are you sick of reading so-called ‘advice’ about teeth whitening that is really just a thinly-veiling plug for the latest product or procedure? Teeth whitening can easily become confusing with every blog and article promoting a different technique or treatment. If searching on the internet has left you scratching your head on the secrets of whiter teeth, we are here to blow the lid off the industry and show you that there are just two main options. Here are the top five whitening myths debunked for good.

Myth #1. Whitening Toothpastes Whiten Your Teeth

There is a difference between removing stains and actually changing the natural color of your teeth. Whitening toothpastes do no change or alter the color of your teeth. They are effective for removing staining so are a good options if your teeth have, say, coffee or tobacco. They may also be good for recently bleached teeth but harsh products like smokers toothpaste are too abrasive for use as long-term toothpastes.

Myth #2. Over-the-counter (OTC) Peroxide Kits Can Whiten Teeth

Peroxide is a legitimate way to whiten stained teeth when administered at safe levels by a qualified dentist but this doesn’t mean that OTC kits work. At best, they release less the 0.1 percent peroxide and do nothing to alter the color of your teeth. At worst, they may contain acids or abrasives (as in smokers’ toothpastes) which remove the top layer of teeth enamel – seriously bad.

Myth #3. Home Whitening Systems Are Cheaper Than Dental Whitening

All cosmetic dentists offer a cost effective solution to teeth whitening similar to that offered by home whitening kits. Both options employ trays that you fill with a whitening gel and wear for 30 minutes every day. The difference is that the dental option will give you custom-fitted trays exactly molded to your teeth. While the dental service might seem more expensive that home kits, the trays last longer and you will use less gel in the long term.

Myth #4. In-Surgery Whitening Is An Alternative To Trays

The most common myth is that in-surgery options are a quicker alternative to wearing trays. The truth is that while the stronger peroxide gel and light source (usually a laser) will accelerate the whitening process, you will still have to use trays and gel at home afterwards. In-surgery options just get you out of having to wear trays for two weeks, they aren’t a total replacement.

Myth #5. Teeth Whitening Is Permanent

No tooth whitening method is permanent. Every time you drink or smoke you are contributing to further discoloration. Depending on your habits, whitening could last up to three years but in general, all methods require top-ups to maintain the color. You can keep your teeth white by using trays every six months. Many dentists are now taking this on board and recognizing that teeth whitening is more permanent when carried out slowly and steadily. Check out a midtown Toronto dental clinic for a free, no-obligation consultation with a professional dentist and find the best whitening option for your budget and lifestyle today!