Are you over-whitening your teeth?

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Do you rush to whiten your teeth every time you’ve got a big date or an important business meeting? Do you ever worry you might be whitening your teeth too often? There is a way to keep your beautiful white smile, but you may not have tried it yet. Here are some of the most common myths and misconceptions about whitening that I hear from my patients:

Myth: Over-whitening will lead to super-white teeth.
Fact: Over-whitening can cause your teeth to look chalky or gray, and sometimes to have uneven bands of color. It can also permanently damage your tooth enamel. Everyday living will cause some discoloration to re-appear, but over-use of whitening systems is a real concern.

Myth: Whitening is completely safe to as long as it’s done at the at the dentist’s office.
Fact: You’ll probably be surprised to learn that most professional and in-home whitening treatments can damage your teeth whether it’s the first time or the fifth time. It turns out, those trays, strips and gels aren’t just inconvenient and awful tasting. Most teeth whiteners take a long time to soak into your teeth, and must use high concentrations of acidic hydrogen peroxide to be effective. The initial whitening you see is actually created by dehydration of your tooth enamel. Continuous overexposure of your enamel to hydrogen peroxide over time can lead to your enamel becoming brittle and porous. It’s that porosity – the dehydration to your tooth enamel – that causes your teeth to feel painfully sensitive after whitening.

Myth: It’s impossible to whiten without getting some tooth sensitivity.
Fact: This used to be true. Our DUAL foam technology penetrates enamel much more quickly, so we can use 100 times less peroxide concentration than other over-the-counter products. You get shorter, smaller bursts of whitening agent that is safe to use over a longer period of time. This technology also keeps teeth hydrated, which further lowers the risk of sensitivity and damage.

Myth: Bleaching is the only way to get rid of teeth staining.
Fact: You wouldn’t try to clean your clothes using just bleach. That’s why it’s important to also use the oral detergent that’s included with the Love That White Smile whitening system because it leaves teeth noticeably cleaner. While some stains can only be removed by a dental professional, this cleaning agent penetrates below the tooth surface for whitening beyond what hydrogen peroxide can do on its own. And unlike most toothpaste, it is non-abrasive so it won’t scratch enamel, veneers or crowns.

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